Do you know how much time we spend at work? It’s said, on average people spend the third part of their life working. That’s why the working place and interior is an important factor for candidates seeking for a new job. A comfortable and cozy environment motivates employees to be more engaged at work, so if you plan a relocation to a new office, it’s a crucial step for business growth. To make it successful and save precious time and energy, you should consider some steps.


  • Inventory checklist.

Before moving to a new place, think of furniture or equipment you won’t need after the relocation. Maybe it’s time to replace some and get rid of the old ones. And everything that’s decided to be transferred, needs to be listed in a special check-list, it will save you time later.

  • Choose a moving company.

Business relocation is hard to imagine without an expert moving company. Choose yours carefully, checking ratings and reviews. Here at Chicago Packers & Movers we are at 4.9 stars out of 5, the team of professionals, who can assist your business moving accurately.

  • Map out a new office.

It will serve you at the unpacking stage, and you want to be sure where exactly to put all the boxes. So if they were marked according to the map, it will make the process smooth. Chicago Packers & Movers will unpack and unfill all the boxes where you prefer the moment they arrive.

  • Packing time.

If you chose to pack all the belongings on your own, all the needed supplies can be delivered at your door by Chicago Packers & Movers. And if you don’t have time for that, we can do it for you securely. Don’t forget to mark the personal belongings of the employees with their names to avoid the mess at the new office.


We know it’s vital for the business to go through relocation smoothly and the main task is to start at the new place as soon as possible. For that it’s worth contacting your moving company a month or two in advance.