It may sound odd, but there are options for planning even when you deal with a quick move. It happens more often than you may think, and that’s why we suggest these tips for a smoother relocation when it’s a last-minute move.

  1. Logistics first. If you have no time to plan your relocation, the best option is to call a moving company immediately. Under pressure people may hurry and miss some essential details, that’s why it’s worth to dedicate some time to look for a reliable moving company. Check your price quote and options for insurance. Compare prices, but don’t skip checking ratings and reviews. Pay attention to those where the company was dealing with the case like yours.
  2. Don’t pack – delegate. Why increase pressure by packing when you can order such service at your moving company? You are about to do it the first time, or maybe, the second? Packers are professionals and know all the tricks for a successful relocation.
  3. Hire professional cleaners. Consider, that you will also need to clean the new house. Time is precious so why to spend it on cleaning when you can call a cleaning service and leave your old house in a perfect state? And if you are leaving a rental home and need to get your deposit, cleaning service is your safe option.
  4. Clean up your closet. We all tend to keep items we don’t wear and wait for it’s “Day x” to come but it never happens. You can do much more of use for yourself by cleaning up your closet now and not after you move! Check these tips on how to sort your clothes quickly:
  • Get rid of items you didn’t wear in season;
  • Purge those which are not of your size, it’s not always about changing weight, but a shape. So if you don’t feel perfect in that suit, donate;
  • Decide based on your answer to the question “Would I buy it right now?”;
  • Toss items of not perfect condition. Sometimes it’s easier to replace than return the good-looking state;
  • Sometimes we keep things out of trends, but some of them never come back. Time to get rid of it!

With these simple tips you won’t miss a thing in your quick move and save your time and energy which you need for adapting to the new place!