Getting rid of things is a necessary point at any relocation, but if you are going to downsize your household, it’s a must.

Here is what you can do with something you don’t need: selling, donating, and trashing. Which ones to use depends on how much time you own before moving, but the earlier you start, the lighter it will go.

Tips On How-To.

If it’s your first time to move or purge, it may be arduous at the beginning. But the moment you see how much packing supplies you save and how free you are from all these things caused by world-wide consumerism, you’ll be grateful to yourself.

The first factor which leads most of us to sweet procrastination is a fear of starting. Or, if to be more precise, how and where to begin exactly? You will find the best option, but concentrating on the process and not doing it simultaneously with something else, could help cut the time. 

Go through all drawers and closets and inspect for the unnecessary stuff, half-broken and incomplete furniture, and non-used things, clothes which don’t fit well or match with too few of the rest. 

Ask yourself if the item you consider to trash could make you happy after packing, transferring, and unpacking in a new home? If you never used it before, you probably won’t, so it’s not worth the effort. As you do it now, try to make a good tradition and clean every year or even more often, which suits you the most. If you want to donate something, check for organizations operating during the pandemic.

Moving To A New House.

Consider the place you’re moving to, especially if you downsize your house or an apartment significantly. “The fewer, the better” should be your motto during this process. And may become a lifestyle after, if you look how much you throw this time and how much of extra garbage it will make to the environment; having less should be our world’s new lifestyle.

You could also consider that bringing with you more things than the new place can take will mean you pay for storage till you find a solution.

Sometimes it’s a smart solution, as it may be less costly than renting a bigger apartment, especially if you are moving for a temporary stay.

Downsizing the house sounds like less stress, fewer possessions, and more freedom. Also, more freedom to move and look for a better life.