Do you fear moving day, as it’s a big hassle that takes time, money and lots of physical effort?

The good thing is that there is a service which will pack your belongings, move it, transfer it, and unpack it in your new location.

This is a premium service that gives you the luxury of doing absolutely nothing during the moving process, except moving yourself and your family.

A white glove moving service is a special service offered by some moving company, providing extra attention to detail while handling your most valuable items, making sure they have a safe trip to your new location.

A white glove moving service will help you move expensive electronics, valuable collectibles, your wine cellar, etc.

Insurance is important-especially for your most valuable items, so make sure you choose the right insurance coverage suited for your needs.

When you get to your new house, you don’t need to worry about organizing things, as professional white glove movers will unpack the items as they were in your old home!

How is this done?

White glove luxury movers will label the inventory and take pictures in your old home, and use it as a reference to organize it in your new home.

Custom carpenters

This service will have a carpenter build a special box for your most valuable items, and make sure they don’t get damaged during the moving process.

Lifting and assembling furniture

If you live in a building and have a grand piano to lift up, white glove luxury movers will get it done for you, and hoist if necessary.
Assembling the furniture could be chore, but the moving company can do it for you.

Pictures hung

Professional white glove movers have a handyman service, which will hang the pictures on the walls, install light fixtures, etc.


Do you need your house professionally cleaned before you move in? No problem!

Car service

Driving to your new home could be stressful, especially with children. You can secure a car to take you there.

It professionals

Avoid the tedious task of assembling your tech – an IT professional can set up your computer, TV, Wi-Fi, etc.


It would be wise to change all the locks when you move into a new house.

All these services are professional white glove moving services you can get, so call and get an estimate, to move without lifting a finger!