As we pack our stuff to move house, sometimes it’s hard to know what needs taking and what can be left behind. On one hand, there are those expensive or precious items that need taking care of, but on the other hand, we have a limited amount of space and room in the car or van. Moving companies have enough space and capability to pack all your items.

Here are some tips to pack like the professionals:

Manage your Time.

Think about how much time you have to pack, what do you want to pack and where will everything go? If it’s only a day or two then pack as lightly and quickly as possible so that you don’t miss anything before moving day.

Organize the Items.

Gather all the items you want to pack and place them out on the floor in a somewhat organized manner so that you know exactly what needs packing and where it will go when packed. Remember to pack light! If possible pack by category ie kitchen utensils together, living room curtains, bathroom towels etc.

Create a Packing List.

Make a pack list of everything you intend to pack so that everyone knows what is packed and where it’s going. It can be very time-consuming if everyone has different ideas of what needs taking.

Contact a Moving Service.

Some packers will pack the items into boxes, but if not then pack it yourself. Packing your belongings can be hard work so take regular breaks and drink plenty of water. In Chicago, White-Glove Moving Services are known to offer the best packaging and moving services.

Label your Boxes

This is to ensure everything is easy to identify when moving day comes around. Make sure you label each box and pack in alphabetical order (A-F, G-M, etc) or pack them as you labeled.

For whatever moving services you need around Chicago, White-Glove Moving Service will be there to help you with packing, storage, and moving to your new location.