The relocation is over, you are ready to enjoy the new life chapter in your new apartment or house, but first, you need to unpack and arrange all the belongings. How to deal with this when you are exhausted after the moving day, even if, hopefully, it went smoothly, but still made you feel stressed?


Where to start after moving is done?

Let’s imagine that you just got to your new place, marked boxes are in the related rooms, and there is a substantial work of unpacking ahead of you. How to start? Well, if you took care of a special box with all the things necessary for day one, you don’t have to look for them now to finish the moving day at-ease.

Before unpacking, you would want to take care of yourself, and it would start with a nice shower and sleep. Arrange your toiletries and towels, and then the bedroom. To make the next morning pleasant, it would be smart to take care of the kitchen today as well. No need to unpack all the kitchenware you have, but the essentials you’ll need to make a simple breakfast.

When the basics are ready, it’s time for the least enjoyable process – unpacking. You are not alone; it’s always harder to unpack than to pack, simply because there’s no deadline. Which is easy to fix, just set “a day X” to finish it, but plan it well. Don’t stretch with a tight timeline; keep a room for breaks and other things in life. What you don’t need now is more stress!


How to maintain your new home organized after unpacking?

No one knows your cleaning habits better than you, so if you adjust the ways of keeping your house to them, you will only profit from it. If you tend to put things back after using, there is not much to change. But even here, you can improve and ease your approach.

Make a cleaning schedule.

The trick is to break down the list of activities to 1-2 tasks per day instead of doing everything in one day (and losing a day off completely!). These things are quick to slip our mind, so putting them on paper or excel sheet will remind you and keep it organized.

Blend useful and pleasant

This way, you can destress if that’s what cleaning does to you. Listen to a new book or lecture, the album you waited for a while, when you clean or fold your laundry, and you’ll feel motivated to do more, to have another chapter done!


Using these simple tricks, you will have enough time on your own at the weekend and enjoy the house clean every day, instead of seeing the mess growing by Friday.