Whatever motivation you have for this big move, don’t let emotions take over. Check this list to make sure you left nothing behind on your way to a perfect relocation.

  • If you haven’t decided where exactly you want to move, e.g. from Chicago, the first question should sound like “Why?”. What do you expect from this change? Sometimes things are not what they seem to be, and we may get misled by our emotions. So try to answer openly what is trying to solve by moving into another city?
  • One of the most important questions is if you start the new life from scratch or you already have a solution for a job or business of your own. If you are the businessman, check how feasible it is to relocate your business to another city. Especially if you have a team you’d like to keep.
  • Ok, you got an idea where to move, but how to make sure you won’t regret it? If you have time and possibility, the best solution would be to live temporarily there and see it with your own eyes. If you are trying to cut down expenses, check out the options when you can stay at some of your friends or relatives. The experience won’t be full but will give you a flavor of life in that city.
  • Check reviews! What can be easier nowadays when the internet is full of information and ratings? Only to find the ones you value. Of course, every person has his specific expectations and something that is pros for one’s maybe cons for you and vice versa. Try to look at facts, not the attitude to them, and you’ll be able to build your view.
  • If you haven’t decided yet to move, check with yourself how comfortable you are with having your friends or family away. For some people it’s suitable and video call is enough, and for others it’s vital to meet in person. If you the second type, consider keeping priorities up to your needs.