We all love our “stuff”, and we accumulate it and hide some of it in hidden corners of the house. How do you even begin to organize your belongings before a local / long distance move? The longer you didn’t declutter, the harder it is, but on the other hand – the payoff is greater. Here’s how to start planning your decluttering strategy:

Make your own rules about what to keep

Instead of listening to other people advice, make up your own set of standards on what gets to come with you to your new home. My personal choice, for example, is: “If I haven’t worn it for a whole year, it’s gone!”.

Hit the hard spots, first

You probably dread having to organize your garage or storage room. This is exactly why you should start there. Handling such a huge task will grant you a huge sense of accomplishment and give you momentum for decluttering the rest of your house.

Decide on a charity

When you have a charitable organization in mind, it will help you letting go of some belongings, seeing as they go to someone who really needs them. You can contact the local charity of your choice to arrange a pickup before you move.

Ask for help

Sometimes, some tasks are just too hard to do on our own. Instead, you can hire professional movers to help you out, labeling everything and moving it in an organized fashion to your new home.