The lockdown is over, business is back to operate, our life looks almost normal, except the face masks and social distance, but probably this will become our new routine. These rules applied to moving companies, too. And professional movers have experienced safety relocation by now as in most states moving companies stayed open during the lockdown. If you are going to move soon, it’s worth checking how to choose the best movers for your needs.


Protection Against COVID-19.

As mentioned above, moving companies have to follow CDC recommendations against the virus spread. Most companies listed the rules on the web pages, but it’s worth checking with them via a call if it’s not there. Usually, the moving crew is trained to wear face masks and gloves, have sanitizers in the truck, maintain it disinfected, and keep a social distance.


Registration and License.

The U.S. Department of Transportation reminds us that having registration doesn’t mean a company has an endorsement to operate. Therefore you should check for DOT or MC license numbers on a moving company’s website and paste it on the site of The U.S. Department of Transportation. By clicking on the company’s name, you’ll see more details, e.g., complaints records.


Years of Expertise.

Having a great experience in this business may mean that a company proved it’s quality service. At the same time, it’s always good to double-check by searching for recent clients’ reviews.


Moving Services.

Big moving companies usually offer local and cross-states services, residential and corporate. But there are also many companies which operate with fewer trucks and only in the city, that’s you should check with a mover.


Other Services. 

As you are planning a relocation, often a very stressful period, it would be smart to order everything you need in one place. Most of the moving pros have also packing supplies to offer, like boxes and wrapping paper or bubble wrap.

All moving companies are obliged to have insurance, but you can check with your moving company if you would like to have an extra.

Some of the movers have professional packers who can take of your valuable belongings. There is an individual approach for every type of item, and it’s a smart solution if your possession requires extra care or simply if you don’t have an opportunity to pack.


Compare The Costs.

As the companies provide a variety of services in different states, the costs also vary. On most sites, you can request a free quote.