When you move objects and lift them up, it can hurt your back so much you will need medical attention, so make sure to read our tips from professional movers on how to lift heavy items by yourself, damage – free.

DIY move

  • Find the balance points with good grips.
  • Close it – don’t get drawers and furniture doors get opened while you are lifting them down the stairs.
  • Clear the path from the heavy item to the designated area. If you have a moving car rental, get a ramp.
  • Support your back – with weightlifting equipment.
  • Lift right: get into the stance suited for lifting: feet shoulder width apart, s straight back and bent knees, and strong legs and abdomen muscles.
  • Do not lift an item that needs a few people to life, by yourself, no matter how much you need to move it. It is not worth the back pain and medical bills.
  • Lift simultaneously with your helpers and communicate on the next steps.
  • Put the heavy item onto a dolly and secure it, if you have one.
  • Put it down – squat and release simultaneously, slowly and with communication.

Lifting with pulleys

Professional movers have pro tools, such as heavy duty pulleys to lift heavy items vertically, so if you need to lift a heavy item up a few flights of stairs, it may be simpler to call professional packers and movers to help you get the heavy item to its destination, safely and with no damage to your back. We do not recommend using a pulley system by yourself, as one small mistake and someone can get seriously hurt.

Best of luck in your upcoming move!