No one could prepare for the world’s crisis for almost half a year now, and we are still adjusting to the new reality. All the areas of life have been impacted, and relocation is no exception. We prepared a list of things you should be ready for when you plan to move during the pandemic.


Make A Precise Plan.

Planning is something anyone would do, aiming a stress-free relocation. Still, nowadays, when we should be more cautious about our actions, like being exposed to other people, it’s essential to foresee as many things as possible. E.g., try to evaluate how much packing supplies you will need to buy it at once and cut the necessity to go out again.


Be Prepared For Changes.

Even if you made an exact plan, something always might go out of our control. Especially nowadays, when the curve of infected people changes all the time, everyone’s life gets impacted. Therefore try to keep in mind there’s always a solution if something goes not according to your plan.


Share With A Partner.

If you are moving with a partner or family, everyone should feel comfortable to share concerns and feelings. Keeping negative emotions to ourselves may lead to a more complicated situation. Try to create a trusting atmosphere so everyone will be heard.


Hire Professional Movers.

In case you consider moving on your own, we advise you not to ask your friends or family to help packing and loading boxes to protect them from a possible virus spread.

If you need to relocate across the country or a big household, consider hiring a moving company. You should check with your movers, but they are supposed to follow CDC health recommendations, including wearing masks and gloves, keeping social distance, and sanitizing the truck regularly.