What should you do, if you are planning a move with young children or even teenagers?

Moving with children can be not only a technical challenge, but an emotional one, as it is a big change and requires careful planning in advance, to avoid heart ache and stress.
This is even more eminent in first time movers who are inexperienced with the process.

Step 1: Talk before you move.

As parents, it is your choice where you get to live. However, talking it over is important, as explaining the changes about to come is crucial to children’s ability to come to terms with the future move, making it easier for everyone involved.
Explain to your kids:

  • Why you are moving.
  • Where you are moving to.
  • What is going to change in their lives and how you’re going to deal with it.
  • How the move will be handled and their role in it.
  • You have feelings as a parent, and you are apprehensive as well. This especially will let them know that it’s ok to be concerned and natural.

Step 2: Plan ahead before moving

You don’t have to move during school breaks, you can and should move when it’s convenient. When you hire packers and movers, you make sure you that your time is spent well, as the loss of school and work days can set the whole family back.

Step 3: Moving day

After you secured packers and movers, you will take your kids and your pets, and make the journey to your new home.
After you arrive at your new home hassle – free, and immediately have some fun: order a pizza, play, talk, just don’t unpack anything until you have a positive experience at your new home.

Step 4: Unpack & Decorate your new home

You could unpack it all yourselves, or you could find a moving company to help you with that, which will surely make it easier.
Let your children make some choices, like which color they like in their rooms, to make them feel like it’s “theirs”, and that they have some control of their living environment.