Independence Day holiday break is a great opportunity to use up the time off from work to move houses or to relocate their company.
However, moving during this particular time will require you to make some plans ahead of time, and understand how to deal with some of the challenges involved in a holiday move.

Peak moving season

Summertime is the peak moving season, particularly from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
Make sure you hire professional movers as soon as possible to book your moving date with your chosen moving company.
Even if you don’t plan to hire packers and movers, you will need a moving truck to rent, so book it in advance.


Being on the road while everybody else is on the road as well – will cost you time and money, and probably some headache and stress. Make sure to plan your route, get a full tank of gas before the long drive, and check with traffic apps like Waze to see when the best time to leave is and how long it will take to get there.
Make sure that your moving trucks will have the space to park while loading or unloading – there may be a barbeque with many guests parking their cars in the street.

Packing materials

Because of the heat, and in some areas, humidity, cardboard boxes from the supermarket just won’t do a good enough job holding up. We recommend getting packing materials to keep your belongings from disintegrating in your hands. Most moving companies will be able to provide you with packing materials for a very affordable and reasonable price, so make sure to get an estimate.


July is scorching hot, so make sure to apply sunscreen, drink lots of water, have enough shade, fans in the house or air conditioning, and wear light layers you can take off as the day gets warmer.

Are you considering a holiday / Fourth of July move? Contact us for an estimate and we’ll take care of it all for you!