Moving an apartment is not a simple process and involves organizations, planning, and packing. Against the background of the green approach that has been gaining momentum in recent years, moving an apartment can also be environmentally friendly, if simple steps are taken that make work easier and help our environment.
Green transportation differs from “regular” transportation in that it seeks to reduce harm to the environment through recycling, reuse, finding environmentally friendly packaging solutions, and generally thinking ahead about the environment, which is the quality of life for all of us.


While you are פacking you may want to stop for a moment to think: Do you need all the belongings you are moving to the new apartment? The old books that raise dust in the closet, the toys tucked in the attic and the old, rusting pots. Make yourself an easier transition – and get rid of the greenest way of any unnecessary object that will not be used in your new home.

The recyclable materials were brought to appropriate places: obsolete books and paper for the blue recycling bins, plastics for the recycling cages; And the metals you can transfer to plots engaged in the collection and recycling of iron, and receive a certain consideration for them.


The objects that can be used, such as books, toys, and clothes, can be donated to charities and charities that are begging for donations to help the needy. Some of the associations will send volunteers who will come to your home to collect the donation and will save you some hassle in the intense days of packing and getting ready for the move. You can also donate the books to the municipal library, which is always happy to replenish inventory.
Did you find an electrical appliance that never came out of the package? A gift you received and lay for years in a closet without a purpose? It’s time to advertise them for sale online at a nominal price or donate to an association of your choice. Even your old cell phone, if it is still working, maybe worth a few pennies. Try selling it at the nearest cell phone store or online.