Moving can be a huge pain, especially if you are not prepared. Before packing your first belongings, there are several different packing and moving supplies that you should have on hand. While there are certainly other things to keep in mind, getting them before you start will keep your move as stress-free as possible. Here are the top five packing and moving supplies, the first items to consider, and tips on how to use them.

The most obvious packing supplies

Everyone knows you need drawers for moving, but before you start grabbing any cardboard box, consider exactly what you need from these staples in the world of packing and moving supplies. After all, if you are not using the correct squares, you are not protecting your items as you should. Some considerations:

Boxes of all sizes

Specialty boxes are an important part of packing and moving supplies because they provide more protection for items that would otherwise be difficult to pack in an old box. Not only does it provide protection, it also makes packing and unpacking faster and easier. Each of the specialized boxes is specifically designed to transport your item safely until it reaches its destination.


Your moving supplies shouldn’t be considered complete without some labels and tags so that each box can be properly identified. Be sure to include the contents of the box, the room it enters, and the items it is in.

Wrapping everything with duct tape

The last item on your packing and moving supply list should be tape to seal all the boxes. Make sure to use strong, clear, leak-proof cardboard so nothing breaks during movement. Tape can also be used to secure screws to items if you have to disassemble them.