When a person is moving they will need to pack up all of their belongings. This can be a lot of work. There are some tips to help make packing up personal items easier.

Fill the Box

There should be no empty space in a box. This will allow the items to slide around and it will waste space. Any gaps in the box can be filled with clothing or packing material.

Heavy on the Bottom

The heavier items should be placed at the bottom of the box. Lighter items can be put on the top. The same can be said when packing the moving truck. The heavier items go on the bottom while the lights go on the top.

Box Together

Items that will be used in the same room should be boxed together. Do not put items from different rooms in the same box. This will make things confusing and unorganized when it comes time to unpack.

Use a lot of Tapes

All of the boxes should be tapped close. They need to be tapped at the bottom and the top and around the seams. It may also help to wrap the tape around the box a few times to make sure it is safe and secure.


If a person has some special items or items that are worth a lot of money they should find out about special crates and moving items. This is something that should be done by a professional.


When packing glass items such as bowels and cups wrap them in paper. Put cardboard dividers between these items when they are in the box and fill any extra space with paper.

These are some of the tips that a person can use when they are packing. These tips will allow a person to pack and organize without a problem!