If you have no other choice but to move now, or you have decided to be closer to your family which is far away and can’t wait till quarantine is over, you should take additional precautions to avoid possible infection.


Choose a certified moving company

Only a trusted Moving Company will ensure to take all the steps to protect clients and workers from coronavirus spread. Check on moving companies’ websites; most of them post what measures they take. In general moving companies provide their trucks with sanitizers and workers with gloves and masks. They may also do more frequent trucks disinfection, but it’s worth checking with the company you chose.


Clean the house

Imagine how many kitchenware or other things you barely used demand proper cleaning? And it’s an opportunity now to make deep cleaning of the house before you move. It’s not only helpful but just safe in terms of the virus spread avoidance.


Avoid old cardboard boxes for packing.

It’s known that one of the most common ways to get infected is through surfaces, as COVID-19 stays contagious for hours and days, depending on the material. In the case of cardboard, it’s around 24 hours, so it doesn’t worth risk now by using old boxes for packing. If your moving company provides plastic bins, you can check with it if you need to sanitize them additionally when received. However, nowadays additional precautions are always relevant.

For the same reason, you should be ready with packing a day before the movers arrive. Try to finish everything in advance as there is one positive thing in quarantine available – time.


Prepare your house for Moving Crew 

The moving crew will wear gloves and masks, but if you have some extra sanitizers, it would be helpful. Also, you can help the movers do their job safely by making a sink, soap, and paper towels ready and available.


Make relocation safe.

Maybe the safest way to move is to do it on your own, but this option is not viable for everyone. If you don’t need to move a big household, you can rent a truck, as they’re still should be companies providing this service. Crucial is to be updated as the rules and measures are changing every day, so check with the company you pick before you move.