You are almost set for the relocation but not sure if you’ve got everything in mind to finish it smoothly? Have a look at our check-list when it’s only a week left.

  1. Cut down on your grocery budget so when it comes to a relocation day extra food won’t take space among all boxes.
  2. Notify your utility provider at the new place and the current one to get them turned off by the time you moved.
  3. In order not to pack kitchenware at the last moment, do it in advance and buy disposable one instead. There are plenty of recyclable options now, like the cutlery made of avocado seeds.
  4. Return borrowed things and things you lent out. But check one more time, maybe you don’t need some and it’s easier to keep them for their new owners!
  5. This time is good to make deep cleaning of your apartment/house. Clean curtains and carpets to bring it fresh to the new place.
  6. Map your new place. Plan where everything will go in your new house so you could use it while unpacking and make the moving less stressful. Sometimes unpacking is harder than packing, and this approach will help you avoid procrastination.
  7. Cancel all the services and deliveries you have at your current place. You could also need just to reschedule them if you are moving inside one city.
  8. Check with your moving company. It’s worth to spend another 10 minutes now and be secure that your moving is planned and set on the right date and time.

You probably picked your moving company a month ago, but if you just trying to choose one, consider Chicago Packers & Movers, which can reduce your workload significantly. We offer you all-inclusive services which will include packaging, relocating and reorganizing but also bring our experience and skill to make the move safe and smooth.