As a professional mover, I know how hard packing can be for beginners. I often get asked how to plan the packing process and where to begin, so I’ve put together a week–by–week packing guide, to help you plan for your upcoming move or relocation – long distance or nearby, it doesn’t matter.

When to start packing

As a general rule of thumb, the longer you have – the better you’ll be with the packing. It’s also important to take the time in between for yourself – relax, go out, have fun – don’t stress all day!

If you have at least a whole month before your upcoming move, you’re in the clear, as it takes about one week of planning, and then 3 weeks of actual packing.

You do not want to wait until the last minute to start packing frantically – as it will stress your muscles and mental health.

Week 1: Clean, declutter, choose

Get started with simply getting rid of all the things you know you won’t need in your house- sell, donate, throw away and recycle.
This process should be a room – by – room process, so make sure to plan dates for each room / floor. Give extra time to the storage room.

This will also be a good time to choose professional movers, to help you with your physical move. Call ahead of time and get an estimate, book your date and start packing!

Week 2: Pack unused rooms

Start with the storage rooms and unused rooms, as they will take up the bulk of your time but won’t interrupt your daily routine.

Week 3: Pack the rest, room – by – room

Go through the process, leaving no stone unturned.

Week 4: Most used items last

You should pack your most valuable items last, as you use them every day.

Give us a call for an estimate and enjoy your new place!