Before making your big move, there’s something you should consider first: packing supplies. What will you need? How much should you buy? Here is an article that lists the essential packing supplies that will make your move easier and more efficient! 

Moving Truck or Trailer

 You’ll need some sort of vehicle to move all your belongings. Unless you plan on carrying everything by hand, a moving truck or trailer will be required for the careful and professional transport of your most valuable possessions!

Moving Boxes and Bins of Various Sizes

 Boxes & Bins are a vital moving tool. Whether you’re packing up a single room or your entire house, the right box size will make all the difference in how easy it is to move everything from one place to another. When it comes to boxes, there’s no such thing as too many! If you are worried about the environment, make sure to use reusable bins. 

Moving Blankets and Pads

 You’ll need some sort of padding to keep your belongings safe. Investing in moving blankets and pads will give you a sturdy way to package all that stuff up, help protect it on the trip over here, and can be used again for other moves!

Straps for Securing Larger Items

 Moving straps can be used for securely securing larger items like lamps, chairs, or couches to the moving truck. Straps are a convenient and inexpensive way to help make sure your belongings stay safe on their long journey from Point A to Point B! 

Locks to Keep Your Belongings Safe

 Locks will help keep your belongings secure on the truck. Whether you use a lock to attach furniture or just want to make sure everything is locked up tightly, nothing must fall off during transit! 

Pens, Paper, Markers, Tape (to Label Boxes)

 Labeling boxes is key to making it easier to identify items when you get your stuff back home. Label boxes with important information like a room or cabinet location, so that everything can be put right where it belongs!

 There are several things that you can do to reduce stress before, during, and after your move. One of them is to invest in the right moving and packing supplies.