When moving with children things can be especially difficult. Depending on the age of the child they may not fully understand what is going on. These are some tips to help make moving with children an easier process.

Preparing the child

Before the move, the parent needs to sit down with the children and tell them what is happening. There are some videos and books for children that may help explain things. A parent should reassure the child that they and their things are coming along.


The children should help pack some of their things. Even smaller children can help put some of their toys into a box.

Say Goodbye

Allow the child to say goodbye to any friends and family they may be leaving behind. Keep the mood positive and fun.

Take Time

Moving with children can be extra challenging. A person needs to give themselves extra time to pack and make sure they keep out everything that the child needs. They are also going to have patience. Packing with children can be a lot of work so they should start well in advance.

Get the Needed Supplies

When moving with a small child or a child that is potty training prepares for some setbacks. In a long carried it may not be possible to stop every hour to have the child try to use the bathroom. Think about being along with some pullups and other supplies just in case an accident happens.

Bring Toys

When moving keep a small bag with a favorite toy or two. This will help comfort the child or help keep them busy during the ride.

These are some tips for moving with children. A move is a big life event and these tips will help make it easier to move with the child and keep them busy.