A New Beginning

We can all agree that moving from one home to the next is no simple task! Especially when you have leftover food, remaining bills to pay, couches, mattresses, and everything in between. It’s no simple feat. The great thing about moving, though, is the prospect of starting again. A new beginning, if you will. Of course, that new beginning would be ripe with unique challenges that are hard to prevent. However, hopefully, given my own experiences, I can help you nip that in the bud and make packing more effortless and more efficient!

Take The Time

The first thing that I’d recommend is setting aside time leading up to your move-out date to make sure that everything is packed and consolidated in boxes, bags, or cases that will hold and withstand your desired distance. Setting aside enough time to pack and move your stuff to the new location before the move-out date is imperative, and that comes with a lot of storage. Everything may be packed up and sitting around in your old apartment, hugging the walls and crowding up the space making everything seem daunting. I know seeing that is scary at first, but you have to realize that many knick-knacks and miscellaneous objects won’t take up as much space once unpacked. One box or bag could contain something as small as pens and paperclips!

Pack Up

In the process of packing large objects like tables and couches, make sure to wrap up couch legs or table corners to prevent possible damage that you could easily prevent. You never know how rough the trip will be, so being prepared may make all the difference.


Another thing that I’d recommend from experience is that during these moments of consolidating and packing, you should take the time to get rid of stuff that hasn’t seen the light of day. Take this time to downsize if need be and rid yourself of unnecessary clutter to make sure your new start is fresh and clean! It’s always nice knowing that you won’t have junk cluttering your new space. You may even find stuff that you’ve been missing or even stuff that you won’t need to buy more of!