Clothes play a big part in packing and maybe quite troublesome if you don’t plan enough time. The reason is that packing is the last step of preparing your wardrobe to move, so you should use the time wisely. We prepared for you these short hacks, which will make a relocation flawless.

  1. Revise What You’ll Move.

Moving is an excellent opportunity to inspect your wardrobe for items that deserve to be tossed or donated. Start with sorting your closet into piles of what you keep and throw or give away.


  1. Pack Smart.

Pack clothes by person and season. It will simplify unpacking at the new place. Also, pack off-season clothes as early as possible to cut the packing time down into small periods. Otherwise, packing in one week may be too overwhelming.


  1. Choose The Best Way To Pack:
  • There are hundreds of DIY packing tips on how to fold your clothes to use the most of the suitcase and boxes’ space. Search for it to see if it seems the most efficient way.
  • Choose a wardrobe box. You can find such items at some movers’ sites or plastic moving crates rent sites; you can hang everything there to keep it wrinkles-free.
  • If you are moving an assembled closet, you might like to keep some clothes in drawers. Just don’t forget to seal them to avoid opening.
  • Use big plastic bags for items on hangers. You can make a hole for a hook for more comfortable carrying and less mixing during transportation. As an option, you can use clothing covers.


  1. Use Suitcases For The First Week Wardrobe

Relocating is never easy and consumes lots of energy, so the chance that you’ll unpack everything you need during the first days is not so high. Instead, you can make the first week’s wardrobe by packing it in a separate suitcase for each family member.